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22 Caliber Bore Snake for Rifles and Pistols

22 Caliber Bore Snake for Rifles and Pistols

$ 8.99

Compare to Hoppe's 22 Cal Boresnake for Rifles and Handguns at a more reasonable low price. Fast gun Bore Cleaner. Cleans bore within 10 seconds to save you time compared to traditional methods. Packable size to take on your hunting trip and use in the field. Built-in bore brushes, brushes and swabs bore in one quick pass, makes cleaning your firearm easier and more efficient


  • One-piece design. Recommend 1-3 passes until the bore is clean to your approval.
  • Can use with Rem Oil, Hoppes, and other cleaning chemicals.
  • Brass weight on the pull cord is stamped with the size.
  • The cleaning surface measures 32 inches.
  • Machine washable if needed.

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