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Gas Tube Stainless Steel [Mid Length]

Mallard Armory

  • $ 14.99

DETAILS: If you are building or upgrading your rifle, a new gas tube is a great option to replace your old worn out tube. This gas tube meets standards for the .223/5.56. Also, available in other lengths. Most .223/5.56 14.5"-16" barrels have a Carbine or Midlength gas system. Easy to install.

MATERIAL: 304 A4 Stainless Steel

LENGTH: Mid System. 11.75" actual rod length. See Reference Guide below for additional specifications.

FEATURES: Works with your gas block to redirect gas from the port in the barrel to cycle your rifle after each shot. This steel gas tube will handle the high heat and pressure round after round. Hardened stainless steel gas tube resists heat and corrosion and ensures consistent gas flow to help your rifle cycle properly. Precise construction helps ensure quality for custom rifle builds. Vent hole size is optimized for semi-auto operation. Roll pin included for proper installation.

WEIGHT: 0.70 oz

INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: 1 gas tube, 1 roll pin.


System Barrel Length Port Distance
Pistol Less than 10 inches 4 inches
Carbine 10-18 inches 7 inches
Mid 14-20 inches 9 inches
Rifle 20 plus inches 12 inches

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